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Thread: Networking a 56k connection with AOL 7.0! :|

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    OK I recently setup my network and want to allow everyone to use the internet for email chat and internet browsing winmx downloadnig songs etc

    Can I do this I have been told that AOL does not support internet sharing... :confused:

    Dont tell me it is impossible because nothing is impossible.

    IS there a reg patch or a file download or a peice of software that will allow me to do this?

    Or is there a programme that you can run on the main machine, that acts as a server (the one that is connected to the internet) then you run the client on thenother machine that will allow you to type in a address (because it will look like a web browser) then when you hit enter it will navigate the link on the server machine to send data back to the client and display

    The reason I am with AOL Is because BT and freeserve have poor packages 16 a month 160 limit for BT and bad connections for freeserve If ANYONE can help me in my quest please do so I need the help!

    :thumbs do

    Thanks all
    Programmers Love games
    Just like Meh! :D

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    I wish I could help you buddy, but AOL is against my religion! :D
    Seriously though, i haven't messed w. AOL since they were upgrading to 3.0.
    ICS would be a hard thing to pull off. I would suggest going into the many computer chats that they have and asking one of the people there, maybe they would know? Thats the best thing that i can think of.

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    Ya got that far? :eek:

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    it was my first ISP, as at the time they were the only ones to take checks.
    I have no problem w/ AOL as long as i dont have to see it, touch it, or know about their existance. :D
    I've been through relatively few ISPs in my days. But the one that I'm using now is the best. even though its 56K.
    They dont have any disconnects (Most ISPs kick off time is 8hrs), they allow multiple logons by 1 user, as long its to a different phone #. And the #1 reason is - my buddy is paying for it!!!
    But now that i got a job, I will get me a 1.6mbps radio internet!
    Well maybe not right away. but soon.
    Besides, 56k is good enough to surf TTF, and thats all i need. ...For now. .....cuz I'm broke. .......and cheap *******. :D

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