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Thread: why the heck am i getting a 33kbps connection with a 56k mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by css
    i think i have 2 or 3 phone lines connected together and they aren't the thickest things, maybe if i replaced them with a single higher quality line i would get a higher speed...........
    and my brother doens't have the same modem, he hase a 33.6kbps modem, and even though he's getting a 114kbps connection, he can nly d/l at about half that speed
    Also remember just because it says its connected @ that speed it doesn't always mean he is actually connected at that speed, meaning he will NOT download at that speed because it is not possible.

    He may only get 33.6kbs out of his connection and has used a couple settings to make it appear as if it has connected at that speed. The max real connection from a 56k modem is 56,000bps - and it is rarely that you will actually connect at that speed.
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    federal regulation is 53,000 bps so they can still trace you anything faster than that on a modem I think is untraceable.

    also I heard one of my friends talking about a crystal you could use to make it go faster than the federal regulation...I don't know I think I'm wrong about that

    Your friend might also have dual isdn service
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