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Thread: Win XP/2000 Unable to renew ip DHCP server not available

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    Hi guys,
    I work for a cable modem suplier in the UK and have now seen a few customers running either XP or 2000 with the problem of not being able to have an IP assigned to them from the modem.

    I have tested the modem on my laptop and it works fine, I have reinstalled USB drivers for the sad people that still insist on using them and I have uninstalled and reinstalled NIT cards for the more sensible but this has not worked, my thought is that the registry files relivant to the networking and alike have been corupted. Would I be correct in assuming this?

    If I am could some one tell me which one's to delete and reinstall.
    Or if there is somthing else I have missed please tell me.

    I really feel for these people as the cable companys offical response is that "the modem works so it must be your PC get some one else to fix it".

    Trouble is that if you call a "PC doctor" or what ever they know less than I do about PC's and there fore the customer is left without any service and no one to help them..

    Please help me!!!

    Thanks in advance, and I'm sorry if my spelling and punctuation are not that good...Spell check owns!!!

    A little more info
    I dont think its an IP stack problem as I managed to connect my laptop as an ICS using the USB on the modem and my ethernet as the connection to the pc, I couldnot get automatic assigned IP but If I set up the ip manualy I could get a network connection and ping the pc. I didnt manage to get the pc onto the internet tho... ah well maybe just a good old format and reinstall will have to do them!!!!

    Thanks again....:wow:

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    I'm gonna move this to the Networking forum in the hope that FA-MAS sees it.

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    I need a little more info.... are the modems USB modems and not eithernet? Have you gone into the network prop. and looked to see if the tcp/ip is installed or installed correctly?

    Please answer these questions and I will be able to fix your problem..


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    The modems can be used as either USB or ethernet, as long as the modem is rebooted when you change it the DHCP recognises the Mac address of the connection you use, the TCP/IP well TBH it is installed but I have no idea wether it is correct or not, it is set to automaticly assign ip, the DHCP settings are also set to auto.

    I hope this helps you to help me...

    Thanks again

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    Had to reinstall xp and set all there software up again...worked fine for a few days but then started to mess about again, Found that the Macafee firewall doesn't like the Correct connect software that is supplied by the ISP and this software tries to get a connection before the complete boot sequence is finnished but after the firewall has been started this was causing the Firewall to block any conectivity to the modem before we had a full boot.
    So even though we where turning off the firewall after the bootup we could not get an IP assigned. we uninstalled the firewall and it worked ok. reinstalled the firewall and uninstalled the ISP software and it worked. but run both togeather and it all fell down....

    So we decided to leave the firewall as it was bought to protect the system and live without the dodgy ISP software..

    : peace2:

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