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Poll: How do you connect to internet?

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Thread: How do you connect to internet?

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    Weird, in Sweden we can get 10Mbit for 19-25$
    That is impressive. What type of connection is that? You can thank your government for recognizing the phenomonal Capitalistic benefits of capable internet. I'm sure Sweden is attracting many of the world's premier tech companies.

    Investing in the Internet is probably THE best investment any government can make. I bet it earns back 20$ for ever 1$ spent.
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    im on cable
    im currently paying 18 a month for 150k d/l 64k u/l
    should be gettin it upgraded to 600k soon

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    Originally posted by [b]E^vol
    Ya, I'm paying cdn for my "high speed" cable connection, I'm tempted to pay the cdn for the "extreme high speed" connection.
    Well, as of today I'm on that "Extreme High Speed" I had mentioned before...The "High Speed" was a 3.1 Mbps service, where as I now have a 4 Mbps service and my u/l is twice as fast as before. I have not seen a speed difference for d/l, but I haven't d/l'd all that much so far. Also, I had a 5Gb u/l limit & 15Gb d/l limit, Now both are unlimited !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomi_s
    Im just a little curious, what kind of connections you peoples have. I have a dual channel ISDN (128kb) :cool:
    I have cable 10mbps and it still counted as basic up here in canada, alberta
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