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Thread: Which 512k/512k SDSL Plan?

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    Hi All,

    I'm looking to upgrade my current 512k/128k ADSL connection to something that is going to server my Web and FTP server better. I was thinking of just getting a 1500k/256k ADSL connection, but 256k is still nothing great for serving a website, especially if you want a semi decent FTP server.

    What I'm looking at getting is Internodes 512k/512k Bronze SDSL plan for $165 per month with 2GB of download data. I'm hoping this plan should be enough, I only dowload around 500MB a month myself, which leaves the remaining 1.5GB per month to serve request and control data from my web and FTP server.

    This is by far the best plan I've managed to find with 512k/512k bandwidth available in my area (Melbourne) and was just wondering if anyone knew of any better plans?

    Also, I'm trying to calulate a reasonably accurate upload/download ratio so I can calculate how much data can be downloaded from my site for around 1.5GB worth of request/control data. At the moment I'm using what I think is a fairly conservative ratio of 10:1. So for every 10GB downloaded from my site, 1GB worth of request/control data is created. Using this ratio, it would mean that I would hit my download limit in under 4 days if my link had high utilization. I'm hoping a more accurate ratio is something like 100:1 :) . Anyone got any idea what an accurate ratio would be?

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    Wow. I didn't even know they had SDSL plans down here. After looking at that site, I couldn't find anywhere where it said that you actually pay for uploads as well. Most ISPs now don't charge for uploads, so if that's the case you'll be laughing.

    You're right, being able to upload at around 13k (128k upstream) or 26k (256k upstream) ain't much fun.

    The best way to check data usage is to emulate the FTP server on a local LAN. Monitor the data flow, then just connect to it, grab files and so on and you'll see a rough ratio of what's going to happen. Naturally, this won't always be right, as some people will get cut off and need to reconnect, and so on...

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    Yeah, I got an mail from their helpdesk, and they said Upload wasn't counted which is a very good thing with a 2GB limit.

    Good idea with the FTP test. It's the only SDSL plan anywhere near what I can afford, so it's not like there is a choice anyway, I guess I'll get a good idea of what to expect after a month or so.

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    Cool, I'm all signed up :D, just wait and see how it goes now:cool:

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