I'd like get wireless internet for free. I live in Mexico, in the city where I live there's only one provider. I believe this provider used the E1 technology.

I really don't know much about this, all the info I know is that they claim to provide speeds of 2 Mbps. Theirs users have an antenna, plugged to something called a RF receiver (DC powered), which then connects to the network (LAN) card on the PC or laptop, that's it. 24hrs online, no logging on.

"How does Baja Wireless Internet access work?
When you send or receive information on line, it's transmitted digitally from your computer's Ethernet network interface card to the SU (subscriber unit device) connected to your computer or LAN. The signals travel from the SU to an antenna where your information is sent directly to the Internet and back to your computer again in milliseconds."

Their webpage is:


I'd like to know what I need to get their service for free. I've a few articles on networks but I haven't found any info on E1.

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.