I went to www.surpluscomputers.com and in their search engine typed in cable modem and ordered a refurbished 3 com US Robotics CMX 2940 external cable modem for $19.95! It works with most providers and I am getting better speeds than what I had on my rented modem from my cable company! The modem itself came with a modem and power supply, but no manual. The modem I ordered is in EXCELLENT condition, though. If you are looking to reduce your monthly cable internet bill by owning your own modem, check and see if this will work with your ISP and then if it will....order one! You won't be dissapointed! Also at $19.95 what have you got to lose? It sure does beat me having to pay an extra 10.00 a month for renting a modem from my cable internet provider ! Most cable internet providers will give you a reduced rate if you own your own modem. (Here in the U.S. anyway, I don't know about other countries) Check it out!