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Thread: Getting PC-9F frontpanel for PC-7HX in Germany?

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    Default Getting PC-9F frontpanel for PC-7HX in Germany?


    im very interested in buying a Lian Li case but none of the existing cases combine all good points I like. Closest would have been the Lancool PC-K9X for it's beautiful front, flexible HDD-tray, removable (and thus exchangeable) top-panel and 2x140mm intake fans. But unfortunately it is no longer sold and impossible to get second hand, too.

    Closest in appereance is the Lian Li PC-9F but closest in function ist the 7H. I don't want the 9F because it's inflexible HDD-tray could make long graphics cards a tight fit or even be a hinderance in the future and because I don't like 2x120mm when I can get 2x140mm. But the front of the PC-7H is absolutely ugly and the topcover with it's ugly screw holes for this nonsense and even uglier radiator-cover bothers me, too.

    So I asked the german Lian Li distributor if I could get my hands on a PC-9F frontpanel without having to buy a whole case and exchangig said parts, but they at least couldn't offer it to me. That's why I'm asking here if there is any way I could get this part in germany.

    And an advise to Lian Li: stop making dozens of mediocre and similar cases and put together all the good ingredients into one marvellous case! Or give us a choice for the exchangeable parts (topcovers, front- and sidepanels, HDD-trays) so we can put togehter the cases according to our preferences.

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    Default Re: Getting PC-9F frontpanel for PC-7HX in Germany?

    Hi Tigerfox,

    The PC-9F front panel can fit on the PC-7H. I will send you more info on that in a PM.

    While having many parts (front panels, side panels) available for swapping and switching is a great idea in theory, the issue comes down to logistics. It would be extremely difficult to ensure that all the different part options were able for preferential configurations around the world. There would be shortages of certain parts in some places, and perhaps surpluses of that same part in different places. Therefore even if the logistical part between vendors in places all around the world was smoothed out there would likely be huge leadtimes while people waited to get the side panel they wanted. Plus, either the vendor or end user would have to put it together, unless ordering direct from our HQ. I dont really think that most people would want to build their own chassis. There would be some of course, but perhaps not the mainstream.

    Not trying to knock down your idea at all, just giving you mine. :)
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