Hi. I have been looking for a new case, but i havent been able to find one that i like. I like something thats different but doesnt look like a spaceship. So i thought i would like to share my idea for a case, as lian li is the only company that i could imagine taking user feedback serious.

So ive seen the PC-100, and i like the idea, but it seems very hard to work with when connecting/disconnection cables. And the first case that i saw that really made me think was a brilliant idea was when VooDooPC made their last Omen. With a vertically mounted motherboard, connections on top with a cover to hide them, and for easy access and a clean look at the rear with nothing but a hole where every cable exits. Air moving from the bottom and exiting through the top. And a separate room for the fans at the bottom where one might add a radiator, if you should like to have it water cooled and the fans would be hidden. Now the only company that makes this kind of case is Silverstone with its raven series. But man that case is ugly.

I made a quick sketch, and enjoy my excellent paint and measurement skills :D
My idea for a new case-untitled-png