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Thread: PC-Q26 and BP2SATA...

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    Default Re: PC-Q26 and BP2SATA...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lian Li Tech View Post
    I have watched the video and checked the spec sheet. Cool looking little box. That is a lot drives you can fit in. You can see it here: Lian-Li Global | PC-Q26
    Yes... we're well aware how many drives you can fit in, and the aesthetics are pleasing, but seriously trying to spruik your own product in this thread... low class man, low class.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lian Li Tech View Post
    Lian Li makes 3 versions, for 1, 2 and 3 drive hot swapping. bp2sata bp3sata bp1sata
    Great, so I either have to buy another 4 bp2sata's or some weird ass combination of bp3sata and bp1sata if I want to make all 10 bays hotswap? and then I have to try and tidy 10 power cables and 10 sata cables in an already cramped Mini-ITX case?

    There's a reason we asked for details to make a SAS version, because it makes sense! The case already comes with a bp2 sata. Add two 4 port SAS backplanes and you've just provisioned all the bays with 8 cables instead of 20!

    Not only that, I've offered to design the product for you at no cost to Lian-Li, AND give Lian-Li the files with which to make and sell their own ones! We didn't ask for the whole case design, just the design of one small piece. I really fail to see how Lian-Li has anything to lose off this? It's not like someone can use that info to copy one of their cases! If anything they stand to gain from it as people can then make accessories to go with Lian-Li cases which would help drive sales of those cases!

    Personally I'm rethinking buying this case, because I really don't feel like spending hours reverse engineering your crappy board so that I can make one that works for me. When I can buy from other companies who either (a) support people who want to mod their gear, or (b) provide decent hotswap backplanes instead of the crappy ones you guys are offering.

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    Default Re: PC-Q26 and BP2SATA...

    Well, you are getting angry. Sorry about that. Lian Li said no, and that is the end of that. I tried to work out other ways with you. If I can help, I will. Good luck.
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