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Thread: PC-Q01/PC-Q03 Sizing Questions

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    Default PC-Q01/PC-Q03 Sizing Questions


    First, I want to say thank you to Lian-Li for doing something really different from the many other vendors and going a little radical with the design on the PC-Q01/03.

    Now for my questions, for both the Q01 and the Q03:

    What is the Height (mm) between the top edge of the motherboard and the top of the enclosure frame?
    What is the Height (mm) between the bottom edge of the bottom most expansion slot and the bottom of the enclosure frame?

    I was working on my own new case design and fortune smiled upon me today when I discovered these products!

    Attached you shall find what I have been dreaming up-the blue objects are 200x25mm fans. The rest should be obvious, but the design similarity is uncanny. shr.pdf
    Everything centered around big, quiet 200mm chassis fans.

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    Default Re: PC-Q01/PC-Q03 Sizing Questions

    Nice design. I can't wait to see it.
    Oh, and there is a new one :) Lian-Li Global | PC-Q21

    I will ask, but Lian Li is odd about answering questions like that. But, you can take the PSU and CPU cooler heights and add them.
    Q01 is 90mm + 1 PSU.
    q03 is 70mm + 1 PSU.

    Hope that helps :) | Official Agency for Lian Li
    Visit Lian Li at

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    Default Re: PC-Q01/PC-Q03 Sizing Questions


    The Q21 is quite a gem, that's ~150mm wide? That's pretty awesome! Design went for the limit of the expansion slot width. eh?
    Previously, I should have clarified what I mean by height. The dimension I was referring to is the up and down (y axis?) when the case is stood upright on its feet. Please pardon my confusion.

    If anyone has a Q01 or Q03 and ruler handy... I wouldn't mind a measurement. :)

    Thank you!

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