I have recently migrated my system to the PC09-WRX case and I have been very pleased with the results from the standpoint of logistics and aesthetics. With the two compartment design and management features, cable management has worked out great and both compartments are immaculate. There are two things that have been a bother.

The providing of the LED strips was great, but the overall length was not enough to make a complete outline of the circumference of the case from the side. I ended up with something that works and does not look too bad, but I wish I knew what you folks had in mind with the LED strips lengths included with the case. I keep thinking this can look better.

My main issue is with airflow design. There is a color photo on the website suggesting where cool air should be coming in and warm air leaving, but it does not entirely make sense to me. On the glass side, the suggestion is that hot air should go out the top. I like this given that I have a cooler up there, but an air filter was designed in here, which make more sense for an intake. Furthermore, with my three fan cooler pushing the air up and out, I am not able to push enough air through the passthrough to maintain positive pressure in the glass chamber. As a result, the grating at the rear of the chassis is pulling in air and there is no air filter there. Overall, the glass side has a filter where it does not seem to need it and is missing one where it should have it.

On the other hand, if we pull air in through the cooler, this could make a little more sense, but at the expense of throwing the hot air into the chamber that we did so much to keep it out of (by using water to begin with and by removing the power supply and drives). It would also run against the photo on the website supposedly showing the airflow design with the hot air going out the top.

Is there a better summary of the airflow design for the case available?

Could you not equip the rear grate on the glass side with an air filter secured with magnetic strips like that on the side panel of the solid side? With all the effort going into preventing dust coming in, this turns out to be a rather significant oversight.