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Thread: Lian Li BP2SATA - Molex Connection Issue. Killed four of my Hard Drives!

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    Default Lian Li BP2SATA - Molex Connection Issue. Killed four of my Hard Drives!

    I have a D8000 in which I have installed 10 BP2SATA. The weekend just gone I was putting my build together and ended up killing four of the drives in my build. To a few of the BP2SATAs in my case I have had to use the molex power connector (as I ran out of SATA connections). I had managed to install one of the power connections upside down. It shouldn't be physically possible to do this, given the way a molex connection is designed, but the plastic on the BP2SATA is far too flexible and it is easy to install the cable upside down.

    The connection in question was at the back of the case so it wasn't immediately apparent that it was installed incorrectly. When I booted my machine and two of my drives weren't responding, I assumed that a connection was loose. I ensured that everything was firmly connected and booted again. When the drives still wouldn't respond I moved some of my drives around to see if they would respond on different connections.

    By doing this I killed four drives in the space of 10 minutes! That was 12tb of data! Luckily the data isn't critical and I should be able to recover it, however this is going to come at a huge expense.

    Whilst a large amount of the burden of blame is on myself for installing the cable incorrectly I am really disappointed with the manufacture of the BP2SATA. The molex power connector should be made with much more rigid plastic to ensure it is much much harder to install the cable the wrong way around.

    Some images here of the connector:

    BP2SATA Molex Incorrect - Google Photos

    Also a video here showing just how easy it is to install this the wrong way around:

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    Default Re: Lian Li BP2SATA - Molex Connection Issue. Killed four of my Hard Drives!

    Very sorry to hear about this! Your feedback has been relayed to the team -- hopefully we can prevent problems like this from occurring again! | Official Agency for Lian Li
    Visit Lian Li at

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