Does anyone have experience watercooling within the DK-04 desk chassis? I'd like to mount a 480mm radiator on the intake, but I'm not sure how. My dilemma:

The intake fans are mounted on a removable riser. This is also where the radiator would presumable be mounted. The intake fans are not butted up against the desk exterior - there is a significant gap between the riser and the desk... so it makes me wonder how effective the intake is. With that, I think the best solution would be to move the fans UNDER the riser, and have a radiator take the top position where the fans originally are mounted.

BUT this can't work - standard fans are larger than the riser gap - so this leads me to believe the solution is to leave the fans in their original position, and mount a radiator on top of the intake fans. Seems odd to me though with the radiator so far into the interior of the desk... but maybe its ok.

I'm looking to learn from others before I start purchasing radiators and pumps and bending tubes and all the fun stuff.

Any experienced DK-04 watercooling folks out there? The radiator is the first question followed by where to mount the reservoir, purge valve, etc. Any help or advice would be appreciated!