I have been trying to get in touch with Lian Li through their website and a guy on overclock.net who works for Lian Li but can't send a reply to a message and I have not heard anything from Lian Li either.

I got a Lian Li 2100B plus II from 2007 some time ago and I need some parts + information.

Did the plus II come with pci bracket for holding a video card? I see the holes intended for it. Can I update the front ports to USB 3.0 somehow? The PW-IE20AH51T0 has the correct ports but the plastic is too much for it to fit without having to cut some it of.

Otherwise I need locks for the door, I got no keys. Rear slot covers 2 and black front covers 4. The lock broke for holding the left side panel. Can you supply a replacement?

I am from Denmark but will pay for the parts if you can supply them.