As an owner of the PC-O11 WW, I am disappointed that the 80mm fan mounts are not explicitly placed on the chassis, as they are in the WX / WGX / ROG. If you look at the rear grating, you will notice that the White (and some versions of the Grey / ROG) lack the 80mm fan mounts.

LIAN LI PC-O11WW White Aluminum / Steel Cases (Computer Cases - ATX Form) ATX (Optional) Power Supply -

ROG and WX
LIAN LI PC-O11WX Black Inside Steel, Outside Aluminum, Tempered Glass Side & Front ATX Mid Tower Computer Case -
LIAN LI PC-O11ROG Black Aluminum / Steel / Tempered Glass Front & Side Panel ROG Certified Case Computer Case ATX (Optional) Power Supply -

As a first time Lian-Li buyer, the specifications clearly say Rear 80mm fan mounts x 2, but you can see clearly that the White just has fan grates. Seeing other PC-O11 cases on the internet and some of the other examples also don't contain the rear fan mounts. I'm wondering if I can return the PC-O11 WW to Lian-Li on the basis of false advertising.

That being said, for the new, upcoming O11 Air, can you please include the rear 80mm exhaust fan mounts? It would clearly be contributing to the theme of airflow on that case. The Dynamic can retain just the fan grates.