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Poll: Do you use Linux?

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Thread: Who runs Linux?

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    Nov 2003
    Minnesota, United States


    Until a few months ago....
    98SE\XP Pro\RH9

    Had to reformat because of stupid XP and now I don't have space to reinstall. Instead I have been messing with a few Knoppix variations. Beats 98SE by about half an hour in Seti and beats XP Pro by about an hour. I imagine RH9 is slow, it seems that it's mainly intended to provide a friendly UI for new Linux users. I kind of miss it though, can't do much of anything without using the terminal in the Knoppix I'm using. :(

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    I've been dual booting MDK 9.2 and WinXP pro for about a month. If it weren't for games, I probably wouldnt even log into xp.

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    I am currently Running Win98 se and Linux Suse 8.0 and as a first time linux user I will say that I'm overwhelmed and very impresed. Can't wait to get a better connection and start Dling the free distros. :thumb

    I know alot of peeps that use Xp and say that its the best Gui ever, but Kde and Gnome puts Xp backrounds and themes to eternal Shame :devilwin

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    Suse 9.0 and Wine Rack included.
    Suse 9.1 will take over as soon as I get my hands on it. Prolly will use it as my only primary os then.
    Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop
    p4 1.7GHz, 1GB DDR-Ram, 40GB hdd, DVD-ROM+External DVD-+RW, connected to a BenQ 17"LCD Display (own LCD display went nuts)

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    I'm runnin' mdk 9.2 and win xp pro on two separate hd... it caused some difficulties in the biginning cause i'm usin a normal ide hd of 40GB for linux and a s-ata 80GB hd for windows..wouldn't boot and all that crap...:(

    Linux is great, more efficient and kde is a wonderfull graphical environment couse it's natural gift of being easely customizable....
    linux revolutionises the whole concept of's free!!!! as all the soft around it!
    Alfred's PC: Cpu: Pentium 4 Northwood 2.0Ghz (FSB 400Mhz) @ 2.8Ghz ( 27-35C)
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    Audio: terratec 5.1
    HD: Maxtor 80GB S-ATA ( WindowsXP Pro SP1)
    Maxtor 40GB IDE ( Windows 2000 - Mandrake 10 )
    Apple iPOD 10GB
    Mb: asus p4p800 deluxe
    Alfred's PC 2: AMD athlon 1500+ palomino 1.33Ghz ( can't oc cuz mobo's crappy)
    ram: 512 pc133
    gpu: stupid GeForce 2 MX/MX 400
    HD: Maxtor 60 Gb IDE
    OS: Windows XP Home
    Alfred's Crappy laptop
    Toshiba satellite 1620CDS
    HD: new Samsung 40Gb
    OS: windows 2000, freebsd 5.0

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    I am running MDK 9.2 with XP as my main OS

    I like my MDK because I am using Fluxbox as the window manager. Very minimalistic, no icons, no start menu, no nothing, only way to get to a program is to right click on the desktop to access a menu. Takes some getting used to.

    Although I have been thinking of going to Gentoo...any recommendations on the level I should install?

    There are 10 kinds of people in the world...those that know binary numbers and those that don't

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalDD
    Andy: Thanks..

    I've posted my setup before in another poll so anyone interested can look here:
    DD the link doesnt work mate

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    Well on my AMD computer I have Windows 98SE (the best Windows ever in my opinion, but XP is pretty nice) on my Pentium 4 computer I have Windows XP Home and I love that, and at school (me and school computer guy are close, always working on computers) I have a Pentium III running Linspire. Well I have to admit that Linux is great, but Linspire I do not like at all. Actually we (me and computer guy) were thinking about installing Linux on all the computers at school (!!). Go Linux!
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    POWTEC Demon 480W PSU
    Dell UltraSharp 18001FP 18" LCD Monitor
    Windows XP Professional SP2

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    Default Re: Who runs Linux?

    Winxp pro on one machine (my main gaming one that i am using now) and Mandrake 9.2 on my old file server machine thing.
    -Michael Stanley

    System: Intel Pentium4 3.0E; ASUS P4P800SE; 1Gb DDR-400(dual-channel) PC3200; ATi Radeon X800Pro 256mb; SBAudigy2 ZS; Dual Maxtor 60Gb on SATA Raid 0; 12Gb download HDD; CD-RW (56x32x56x); DVD-R; Thermaltake XaserIII case; Cambridge Soundworks DTT3500 5.1 Dolby Digital Speakers.

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    Default Re: Who runs Linux?

    I used to run mandrake but now im just running xp home

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