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Thread: 2003 Members Choice Award Winners

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    For those of you that saw the polls at the results are in for the most popular Linux apps. Windows apps weren't included (as in Internet Explorer) for obvious reasons, but I'm very glad to see some of my favorite cross-platform apps came out on top such as Firebird and
    The polls are closed, the dust has settled and the results have been tabulated.

    ...and the winners are:

    Browser of the Year - Mozilla Firebird (38.31%)
    Distribution of the Year - Slackware (26.34%)
    Database of the Year - MySQL (36.45%)
    Desktop Environment of the Year - KDE (55.93%)
    Office Suite of the Year - (79.51)
    Word Processor of the Year - swriter ( (66.86%)
    Spreadsheet of the Year - scalc ( (54.30)
    Window Manager of the Year - Fluxbox (28.42%)
    Multimedia Application of the Year - mplayer (44.61%)
    Cryptography App of the Year - OpenSSH (58.71%)
    Web Development Editor of the Year - Quanta (49.26%)
    Mail Client of the Year - Evolution (28.05%)
    Editor of the Year - vi/vim (38.30%)
    Hardening App of the Year - Bastille (60.49%)
    Open Source Game of the Year - Frozen Bubble (40.73%)
    Commercial Game of the Year - Unreal Tournament 2003 (36.75%)
    Windows on Linux App of the Year - Wine (36.42%)
    Security App of the Year - nmap (56.45%)
    FTP Server of the Year - ProFTPD (45.74%)
    Web Server of the Year - Apache (93.56%)
    MTA of the Year - PostFix (45.52%)

    Congratulations to all of the winners.

    A few comments. The Database poll was once again the closest race (decided by a single vote last year) while the web server poll remained the most lopsided. It's clear in most polls that there is not a single app that dominates, which I think is a major strength opensource offers. Thanks again to everyone that voted.

    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    all apps can take a walk.
    my favorite thing is there and thus it once again proves...SLACKWARE RULES :D
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