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Thread: Linux based game console possible??

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    I had an idea in my Thermodynamic exam(!) would be great if a company would sell a console built like a computer (Like the X-Box) with a linux OS, Ethernet card for high speed internet and lan party!, free online games and other games on DVD. It would be very nice if it would be powerful enuph to use it as a computer and as a console at the same time. If that would exist i would buy one!!!! :D

    What do you think??
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    just mod the xbox and put linux on it

    oh, wait, that's already been done. M$ didn't like it too much either ;)
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    well yeah X-Box could be modded and people were running Linux on it. to top all that they were using it as a normal PC with all environments like KDE, GNOME etc. but as minibubba] said MS didn't like it much.
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    This site has lots of guides on how to do that.

    Theres more if you search around the site.
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    You can even do an Xbox cluster with Linux and just look at all the other results that Google pulls up.

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