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Thread: Possible Dual booting confilct with Dell i845 chipset

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    I've got a Dell with an Intel
    (i845) chipset (400mhz fsb)
    Un tweaked bios all default setttings
    Phoenix bios version 1.10 A05(updated from dells website) (Latest Chipset update) (lastest ultra ata udate again via dells website) Windos 98Se :flames:

    Willamette 1.5ghz 512 mb sd 133 mhz ram, seagate baracuda Iv 7200 rpm Hd.

    O.s. is very stable right now and I have not attempted to dual boot with Suse Linux 8.2 Kernal version 2.24.20(could be the other way around not sure i.e. 20.24...)

    Friend of mine tells me that there have been known issues while dual-booting with Suse Linux Because of Dell's Propietaryness with this chipset. Is this true?

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    i don't think that such a major thing will be overlooked by SuSE. imo you should go with install and if any problem comes out you can back off. SuSE is a polished distro and they won't overlook any BIOS problems.
    otherwise you can search for the make and model of your PC and see if someone else has ever experienced such a thing. if it is a known issue then i m sure someone would have written something about it but imo it is just another guy spreading FUD.
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