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Thread: linux sound drivers

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    i'm using terratec aureon 5+1 fun soundcard ( C-media chip). i really don't know how to get it working... i've tryed to use the alsa drivers but nothing seems to function.... the onboard sound works but if I want to use it I have to ****ch cables everytime I use windows xp when i wanna play games...
    please help
    thanks :D
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    please explain your problem a bit better.
    what distro are you running? your kernel version?
    is your sound working at all in Linux? what did you mean by switching cables?
    did you read alsa docs? just go to this linked site, find your sound card and follow some very easy steps.
    also run lspci and lsmod commands from terminal and post the results. lspci needs to be run as root while lsmod can be run as normal user.
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    Lo people,

    I had the same problem, i had a video logic sonic explosion {wata loada crap that was}. which is the same hardware just rebadged. i found using the c-media drivers i could get stero, but nothing else. ure best bet is 2 go get ure self a sound blaster, i did an it works great {mandrake 9.2-10}

    if how ever u get it workin let me know how.


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