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Thread: kde 3.2 upgrade

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    hi all

    how do I upgrade from kde 3.1 to kde 3.2? .
    I've downloaded the source of kde 3.2 and planning to compile it, but I'm a bit concerned in having installed both kde 3.1 and kde 3.2 so what I'm asking is:
    - what should i do to safely REPLACE kde 3.2 to kde 3.1;
    (NOTICE: for REPLACE i mean to uninstall kde 3.1 and then install the 3.2 version)


    by the way... i'm using mandrake linux 9.2
    Alfred's PC: Cpu: Pentium 4 Northwood 2.0Ghz (FSB 400Mhz) @ 2.8Ghz ( 27-35C)
    Ram: 512 Ddr pc 2100 @ 333 Mhz
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    Audio: terratec 5.1
    HD: Maxtor 80GB S-ATA ( WindowsXP Pro SP1)
    Maxtor 40GB IDE ( Windows 2000 - Mandrake 10 )
    Apple iPOD 10GB
    Mb: asus p4p800 deluxe
    Alfred's PC 2: AMD athlon 1500+ palomino 1.33Ghz ( can't oc cuz mobo's crappy)
    ram: 512 pc133
    gpu: stupid GeForce 2 MX/MX 400
    HD: Maxtor 60 Gb IDE
    OS: Windows XP Home
    Alfred's Crappy laptop
    Toshiba satellite 1620CDS
    HD: new Samsung 40Gb
    OS: windows 2000, freebsd 5.0

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    It all depends on what distro you use, in Slackware for example I just do "upgradepkg <>", in redhat you'd use rpm and in mandrake you'd use the mandrake software manager.

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