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Thread: XP-Linux dual boot info ??

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    i ment it in a nice way, i started to answer....but couldn't remember if mandrake will create its own partition so i just thought i wud say that bern wud answer when he saw it. Wasn't trying to be nasty or nething :D

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    Thanks a lot, folks for all the replies. I am going with a Gigabyte 8IRXP board and P4 Northwood- if any experience with this board, please let me know, Thx. I shall be back as soon as I get all my hardware with more questions.
    So long, Happy Tweaking.


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    I have 3 Operating systems on my machine, and it's pretty simple and straight forward to have System Kommander from take care of the partitioning. It has the Mandrake Linux (plus several other flavors) alread figured in. I told the OS Install wizzard that I wanted to install Linux, and when prompted "Mandrake" and it set me up with a "customizable " size to put Mandrake into and also created my custom swap file in drive "d" for me (64 recommended at least.. mine is 95MB.. but I have 640MB RAM too). It started... resized my C drive, moved and verified files and folders.. created the space I told it too and set it up as a Linux partition Ext2 and a swap file. Then I formatted the linux partition while in Patition Commander, the primary patition and the extended swap file partition.. it hid and protected other OS on my machine such as XP and ME.. So when I booted from the CD ROM, Mandrake found the Linux partition already there.. installed to it (hda4) and now I go to ME, XP or Mandrake Linux.. think I'll also set up this for Redhat too, since a friend of mine is downloading that. *S*

    Works great! I wouldn't want to run my computer without it. Really!

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