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Thread: Updating Mandrake...

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    Default Updating Mandrake...

    I have Mandrake 9.0 I play around with once in a while. CUrrently downloading 10.0. DO I have to eliminate the old 9.0 or will 10.0 install itself over the old 9.0?

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    You can simply do an upgrade install. Just boot off the CD, you'll see the option to upgrade soon enough.

    However, doing a clean install is always recommended, not matter what OS you use.

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    Default Re: Updating Mandrake...

    I tried booting off the CD. THe lilo screen popped up and wouldnt let me boot off the CD, floppy it would, but cd nope. I found out there was some problem with the partition and 9.0 refused to load anyways, so I just reformatted the whole linux partition back to windows. GOnna get a 30 or 40gb HD and a ATA controller card and put linux on that. Then when I do get time to build a new box, it will be linux only. Keep my main PC for XP.

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    did you have the bios set to boot off a CD? if it got all the way to the lilo screen, I bet not

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuxfreak
    did you have the bios set to boot off a CD? if it got all the way to the lilo screen, I bet not
    Yes. It was set to boot off the CD. Still is right now. I'll just wait until I get a new one built to use linux on. My main PC is used to process my digital camera pictures and need the graphics programs.

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