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Thread: n00b question

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    Im about to make the jump to linux, mainly cos windows gives me the ****s, im still gonna keep windows for games tho,

    anyway back to the point, im a web dev (part time) so i use various programs to help me when im programing (phped, macromedia products, photoshop, + programs like winamp and stuff)

    what i was wondering, is their some sorta list or something where i can find out what programs work on both OS's cos the last thing i wana do is make the jump, then find out that ive screwed my self.


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    I use quanta for most of my web stuff, it has a php debuger built in, you won't be able to create swf under linux though, for a winamp replacement there is xmms and The Gimp for replacing photoshop. The gimp and xmms are included with most linux distro's and quanta is available for all the popular ones.

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