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Thread: pegas.usb

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    AH-HA ! So I did something vaguely intelligent without even realising ! ... which I guess means I didn't actually do anything intelligent 'cas it was an accident ! Damn technicalities :cry:

    Anyways, that whole idea makes sense to me which is good. So, now I have these drivers and I tried to install them using rpm -Uvh. But (oh this is such a stupid question I know...) now what ?! The instructions on that web page don't make a lot of sense to me. Are these drivers modules ? Do I have to load them before I can use them ? How do I know if they are loaded and are working ??

    One thing that has been making me curious with all of this is the source code. I've come across many versions of source code for different versions of the driver but they always seem to be specific to a particular distribution or kernel. Does the source code vary for each distrib ? Does mandrake really need it's own source ? Does the kernel version matter ?

    That brings me to my last querie for the moment, will I need to re-compile the kernel for these drivers to work or will the standard one RH comes with contain everything I need ? I plan on re-compiling soon anyway but I was wondering if I'd actually need to.

    Whoa, I've crapped on far too much for one post ! :eek:

    WooHoo !! I at long last have a job ! Yay for me !

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    You'll need to load the driver module with "modprobe **module name**" and you can view loaded modules with "lsmod".

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