I'm not one to just cry for help without searching for answers first but I've come up short on this one. I have an ASRock 960GMU3S3 FX motherboard with AMD quadcore 4300 processor and 8GB generic memory installed. I'm using Linux Mint Nadia 64bit as an operating system.
I check using dmidecode and can see the two 4GB sticks but when using System Information from the desktop I only see 4GB. I'm no Linux guru but I get by following instructions to achieve stuff I want to using my system. I've searched, perhaps I'm asking the wrong questions though.
Does anyone know why I'm only seeing the lower amount of memory in the desktop application and more importantly am I only using 4GB when doing memory intensive tasks ? Is there a way I can check and what process would I follow to fault find (on this new board and memory) to enable the full use of my installed memory ?
With thanks to anyone who can give me some advice or guidance.