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Thread: Im Moving to Linux!

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    If it's a computer compnonent other than a Win modem (not saying you can't get winmodems to work..but, anyway..) I gaurntee someone, somewhere has written drivers for it! And it's included in just about every mainstream distro, or very easy to find.

    And, you might wanna try Slackware last. It's a distro all in it's own. heh ;x

    Linux is pretty simple really, you only make it as hard as you want it. You can stick with stock kernel configuations, and distrobutions, or you can be as hardcore as building your own distros and writing everything yourself.. heh Give it a month, or..two, you'll get the hang of it.
    Work in progress..
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    You can check out Gimp since there is a version for Windows (its not as good as the Linux version) and see if it will work for you.

    The url is:

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