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Thread: What Browser???

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtydog
    I think the question was what browser do you use . Not what browser is the latest and greastest. :rolleyes:
    Wiggo and dirtydog , it was nothing to be provoked about! Can't you people handle the odd backstab laughter? :P Then again, there are times when we do prefer older software! So if this has offended you, I apologize.

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    :afro: yo! sup. i suppose using other mail proggies than outlook is still out of the question. but i might have few suggestions if not one. how about you try Eudora, their latest offering is outstanding although i doesnt have features as much as outlook does, it sure does the work right. Look here its easier for you to track down where the mail came from using Eudora blah blah blah features...enough about that.

    If you got more quizzies jus let the Doc know where it hurts the most.
    Who the heck said you caint have your damn cake and eat it...of course you can dammit, you baked it

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    I use IE at work :rolleyes:

    but use Opera 7.11 at home :D

    As for that outlook mail substitution..I'm looking into it and found Netmail and/or Mailcommander...gonna see what those're like and if I like it I might use it.

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    I use Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1 and after I switch from IE, im NEVER going back.

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    since this has been drug up from the abyss, I'll throw in my :2cents: ...

    Firebird 0.61 and Thunderbird 0.1 decendents of the Mozilla Suite ;)

    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    being on linux my favs would be firebird and evolution
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