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Thread: Linux for an absolute newbie!

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    though this q is meant for XBOY...but just my opinion...
    i have mandrake 9.1 and XP. i feel it sucks when it comes to FLYING as compared to XP. may be red hat performs better.
    just my :2cents:
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    Quote Originally Posted by JOsgood

    You seem to have a great handle on the tech world but in one of your posts you said that red hat was more sluggish than a tweaked out xp box. I find that hard to believe having been using red hat on pc that are too slow to run windows and actually being able to use them productivly(read they FLY)

    On older hardware linux is a lot more accepting of it, and will generally run faster then an M$ box. Now take a new box with plenty of memory, and slap on Redhat. Redhat isn't the fastest of distro's and is pretty slow with all the services loaded up, the ****** kernel, and the i386 compiled stuff. Of course you can disable services, and download a new kernel, and compile it yourself. This I found will speed up Redhat, but not to the point of getting as fast as an M$ box. The good thing is there are distro's that speed simply rocks any M$ Operating System. An example is Gentoo linux, where you compile just about everything yourself, and make your own kernel right off the bat, and also decide what services you want. In return it is a lot harder to set up than Redhat/Mandrake/SuSe etc. There are OS's that are i686 compiled OOTB, such as yoper and J.A.M.D. linux. JAMD isn't such bad choice, and not many people know about it. I enjoyed it greatly when I used it :). Hopefully I explained it a little better to you. If you really want to learn more, head on down to Just Linux (Formerly Linux Newbie) for the best linux forums ever! :thumb:
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