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Thread: Lindows law suits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiggo
    After readin' this 2nd page (most BS or miss info) I'd say that some of ya's are too filled with self importance or misunderstanding. :rolleyes2
    ah god bless you... :)
    so are we going to stop now? :hammer:
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    I'll inject one thing. Microsoft really is not worrying about Linux. Because there is no way you could PAY me to switch over entirely to Linux from Windows XP. I don't care how much Windows costs, at least it works.:mad:

    My wife and daughter uses windows.. why.. they like the games. No word processing, no web browsing, no spreadsheets, no databases, no listening to music or anything. All it is to them is a modified "Atari" setup for playing some games that aren't on the Windows XP system. If they were on XP, I doubt that Linux would be used at all for them.

    I have tried to configure it so we can see each other and share printers (mine) when we are on Linux. We are an island unto ourselves. No one sees anyone else. It's as if Linux was not even on a network. Might as well write letters to each other and send them US Mail.

    My cost for Linux... FREE.. what's it worth .. about that! What good is having an Operating system.. even a free one... if you cannot get accomplished what you are striving to do? This is why Linux will never be the backbone of the computer industry.. never! The first time someone tries to configure something and has to re-invent the linux kernel.. then OOpps!!! out the door and here comes MS. Apple is more user friendly and at least you CAN go into a store and purchase software to run on it.

    Reminds me when I was at an auction with my cousin, Rick. Were watching this item sell for a ridiculous low money, and I nudge him and ask, "aren't you going to bid on it?? It's only 5 bucks!".. He responded "A bargain ain't a bargin unless you have a use for it"... so we let it pass.. :2cents:
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    "A bargain ain't a bargin unless you have a use for it"

    Very wise indeed.:bounce:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frost
    I'll inject one thing. Microsoft really is not worrying about Linux.
    that may have been true before, but it's not any longer

    I'd like you to take a look though some of these articles if you think M$ isn't concerned about LInux:

    in fact this is a quote from the first article on that page:
    [b]Linux should pass Apple in market share for desktop operating systems on computers sold in the coming year. That means from 7% to 10% of all PCs shipped won't bear the Windows icon.
    ^that is cutting into M$'s profits, so you can bet they are paying close attention
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    How long will that last. And out of those percentages, how many will upgrade to XP so they can get done what they need to do, that linux can't.

    I am an advocate of linux or actually freeware/opensource although I have never used linux. I just like the idea.
    Whereas my brother lives by it. He runs linux on anything he can. Although at work (Wells Fargo system IT manager) he works with M$.
    So he sees and knows both sides of the fence.

    The bottom line, is like he told me, if you want to use linux, you are going to have to LEARN how to make it work for you.
    Whereas M$ has learned how to make it for you.

    The bottom line is do you want to spend the time to learn a "new language" or not. If you do, then run Linux and have fun with it, although you will have to learn as you go.

    With M$ they have made it pretty much pnp. So you don't have to learn as much.

    Its all personal preference. UNTIL Linux becomes more mainstream and gets better support and LEARNS how to make it work for you, instead of you having to LEARN how to make it work for you.

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