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Thread: Memory memory choices for K8V mobo

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    Yes ThHe frustration comes from memory. I am considering whether to go with 512 or 1 GB. Typically it goes with pc3200 ddr400, but what if you wanted to do a pc4000 or ddr 500. My use is video editing 50% and general 40% and reading TWEAKTOWN 10% :D

    My question is then which memory is good enough for me? don't need the top of the line, just good and solid. Have been looking at corsair, kingston and the OCZ(which I hear mixed reviews) As for overclocking, I don't need it but might want to try it. ANy suggestion in what YOU have used that works great?
    There is no greater feeling than building your own system, WAIT maybe I meant Frustration. Yeah thats what I meant :o)

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    For what ya do 1GB of memory would be very helpful but PC3200 is all ya need and PC3500 the maximum if ya want to overclock but gettin' PC4000 would be a waste of money because in that setup ya'd never use the bandwidth plus ya can get the slower memory with faster timings than that PC4000.

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