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Thread: Memory choice for Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe

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    Hi minibubba,

    I plan on something around the Atlon XP 2800 as that seems to be good value. Want something with a bit of upgradability but prob not too worried about overclocking. I do want the speediest option out of the box though...

    Cheers :)

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    Corsair tests chip s and get first pick of crusial memory ,this is why/how they have higher rated chips. so crusial has excellant potantials.. all the above mentioned memories are great and were considered [price at the time always fluctuating constantly compared to rest of my system].
    k6-2 .and . . . AMD 64bit|3.2,1G[2326],9800xt [both died] miss my 500 K's
    recycled from the trash [and in use]
    2 = 945G chipset boards 2G Celeron and dual Pentium
    3 = AM-37 FIK motherboards 2-2.6 G
    in storage 810/815 chipset P3's 800MHZ[4setup and +? not]

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