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Thread: How to ID my memory

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    Hello Folks,

    Just got some memory in a motherboard bundle and just trying to figure out what they are. Any clues?

    I've got 2 x 512 DDRAM sticks which is supposidly "branded", the numbers on a sticker look like


    and on the chips;

    0350VR or L

    I think their CL 2.5 but other than that I know nothing, any ideas of where to look this up? A quick scan of the web seems to say thier SEITEC memory?

    Any help appreciated.


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    Search google for cpuz or cpuid which often tells the speed of ram and other info.

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    anyway you can use si sandra soft benchmark to id the complete information on your memory modules. sandra should tell you the speed rating, the id, the cas settings, and memory type e.g. 2100, 2700, 3200!!!

    be careful an make sure you buy branded or mem that is tried and tested for use with your motherboard. don't mix memory types and always put the lagest to smallest from bank 0 -3. dual channel rated at 333 are 2700 type modules and sandra should rate it at around 166. dual channel 400 should be equal to 200mhz rating. the motherboard should really auto detect the correct cas settings. if you can't find what type of memory it is, memory is surely generic and some benchmarking software should detect what type chips e.g winbond .. then do a search for the chip manufacturer and go from there
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    Cheers, good tips :)

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