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Thread: How do I change the memory?

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    I was wondering I have in my computer 128 Mb of ram right now and I have another computer here that has 256Mb of ram now what I want to do is put the 256 in the one that has 128 and put the 128 in the one that has 256 now how can I do that if someone could give me easy step by step on how to do that. Thanks

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    This might help. It's the first thing I found while searching on google for you.
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    You really need to figure out what kind of memory you have. If they're different kinds, you basically can't.

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    since i don't know how to tell you all of this i'm going to assume that what you are wanting to do is compatible with your setups. all you have to do is open the tower, find the mobo, and take out the ram. the ram is usualy towards the top right of the mobo which usualy hangs on the wall of your tower. it is held in by two little clips on each end, just push them up and take it out. no to hard, but it's the compatibility that is the hard part.

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