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Thread: Is DDR-2 or 550 GHz RAM Worth It?

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    Default Is DDR-2 or PC4400 RAM Worth It?

    Hey, I'm still working on putting a computer together, I've got the processor (AMD 64 3700+), the motherboard (ASUS A8V Deluxe- VIA K8T800 Pro), the video/sound cards (Radeon X800 and Audigy 2 Platinum), basically everything that I'm going to need to start building it... before I get into the whole cooling part, but now I'm at a crossroad on the RAM.

    I know that DDR-2 RAM has a much higher bandwith, takes a lot less power to run then conventional DDR RAM and these are things that make it a lot better of a chip. But is it really worth getting the DDR-2 ram over conventional PC3200?

    And then the next part is, if I do stay away from the DDR-2, should I opt for the PC4400 over the PC3200 for the closest to DDR-2 quality?

    So many decisions, so many parts to build.
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    Default Re: Is DDR-2 or 550 GHz RAM Worth It?

    To answer the question, no, but you can't use DDR-2 anyway. AMD hasn't yet accepted it and the motherboard doesn't make use of DDR-2 anyway.

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    Default Re: Is DDR-2 or 550 GHz RAM Worth It?

    Yep DDR-II will not work in that mainboard (it's Intel only atm and only with their latest chipsets) but PC4400 would be going well overboard (PC3500 with fast timings will do).

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    Default Re: Is DDR-2 or 550 GHz RAM Worth It?

    Ya, I knew that DDR-2 didn't work with any of the AMD processors. That's was prob the final deciding factor between getting a Xeon or waiting for a better Pentium processor versus getting the AMD 64 Athlon.

    Since DDR-2 isn't all that it's cracked up to be, PCI-E is next to worthless for the next few years, and AMD has 3DNow Technology and a better overall processor, AMD has sealed my vote and the construction may begin.

    I might overkill my machine with the 4400 though, it's just so sweet, and I can get 2 GB really cheap via my friend. He finds a lot of stuff that "falls off of trucks," if you understand. 2X 512 MB Corsair Extreme Platinum PC4400 RAM, only $296 (nearly $100 less than most places), *drolls.

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    Default Re: Is DDR-2 or 550 GHz RAM Worth It?

    I too am fixing to build a new toy. Already got the FX53 processor in s939 flavor and am now just waiting for a few motherboards to get in. Will be sweet to say the least!

    I'll only be running 512MB system memory to begin with but may increase that if I decide it isn't enough. Should be fine for testing and gaming, though. I'll be posting the review of the processor when everything gets in so stay tuned.
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    Default Re: Is DDR-2 or 550 GHz RAM Worth It?

    Sounds like a sweet machine, I did some searching on the FX-53 too, I'll prob end up going that way too... it's just such an unmatchable processor, and if I'm going to pay so much damn money, I might as well spend as much as I can.

    Finally, I've decided to order the OCZ Dual Latency PC-4000 (DDR-500) RAM, I checked out its overclock stats and it can do 282MHz FSB, the Geis PC-4200 (DDR-550) can only do a 287MHz FSB, and the Corsair I was gunnin for seems to do little more then they promise, generally 278MHz FSB... pitiful. So that'll help reduce the price of my system a bit ($164 to be exact).

    Only goin for the 512 MB? Good startin position, I gotz 4 512's or will have 4 in my system. Is that an update to the comp in your siggy there, or are you buildin somethin completely new?

    Got any good ideas for a tower to house my siggy?
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