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Thread: 512mb vs 1gb performance?

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    Default 512mb vs 1gb performance?

    Just wondering if on my system if adding a second stick of 512mb RAM would be of any use. The comp is mostly for gaming and photo editing/home use. Right now its not overclocked at all. I guess I just feel the need to spend money on something PC related even though its only 1 month old . TIA
    Asus K8V Mobo w/Athlon 64 3200 Clawhammer
    Venus 12 CPU cooling
    512mb Geil Value Series RAM
    Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro
    Samsung 160 GB SATA HDD
    Aspire X-Dreamer Case w/stock 350 watt PSU

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    Default Re: 512mb vs 1gb performance?

    This is kinda subjective and varies with each person. Some people claim a bit better performance in D00M 3 with 1GB, others say it didn't do anything for them. If you're a casual photo editor, then it may not be worth it for 1GB. However, if you're working with large files, and using, say, Photoshop, the 1GB might be an advantage.

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    Default Re: 512mb vs 1gb performance?

    In gaming performance, that 9800 Pro is going to be a much bigger bottleneck than the RAM. Another 512MB of RAM would help a lot in certain applications (more in the loading times than the actual performance), but for gaming that video card is your problem.

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