Hi all, I'm just wanting to know wot duel channel is (yes i'm thick) in ram term's. Cause i'm uping my ram to 1536 and have been seeing duel channel mentioned a few times now. And also will i notice much differance going from 1024 to 1536 nothing over clocked apart from graphic's card.
System is Asus K8V SE Delux
AMD 64bit 3200 clawhammer S754
1x Micron 512 PC3200 (came in system)
1x Kingston 512 PC3200 (added l8r)
1x Geil 512 PC3200 (comming in post now)
ATI 256mb X800 pro
And if you can think of any EASY way to make this system tick better advise would be greatfull. Thank's all