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Thread: Corsair XMS Compatability (1.9v vs. 2.1v)

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    Default Corsair XMS Compatability (1.9v vs. 2.1v)

    I currently have 3 each CORSAIR (512MB) PC26400 800MHZ 5-5-5-12, 1.9v, 240-PIN DDR2 DIMMS. 2 of the 3 Sticks are a "Twin/Matched Pair" and the other Stick is a Single Stick from a "Twin/Matched Pair" with the same specs. The 1.5GB of these 3 Corsair 800MHz Sticks works great with my ASUS P5N32SLI SE Deluxe. My concern... I want 1 more of these same 512 Sticks but can't find one (at Retailers of the Web) with the same specs i.e., 5-5-5-12; 1.9v. I can find "Twin/Matched Pairs" that are the same but not a Single Stick! The Single Sticks of the 512's that I do find ( are 5-5-5-12; 2.1v. Is seems the "Twin/Matched Pair Sticks" are tested at 1.9v and the Single 512 Sticks are tested at 2.1v. I guess my question is: if I add 1 of these Single 512 Sticks tested at 2.1v will it work with my other 3 512 Sticks that were tested at 1.9v? I did notice sells the Corsair 1GB Single Sticks and that they have the same specs as the Twin/Matched Pair 512's i.e., 5-5-5-12; 1.9v. If I purchase this 1GB Stick, would it work with my 512's and retain the 'Dual Channel" capability? I want to "bump up" to 2GB (or a little over if the 1GB Stick works). Any thoughts/suggestions or know where I can purchase a Single Corsair XMS 512 with the specs I need would be apppreciated.

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    Default Re: Corsair XMS Compatability (1.9v vs. 2.1v)

    Personally I'd sell all those 512MB sticks and get 2 x 1GB sticks instead (havin' 3 sticks in there atm must be causin' some satibility probs arn't they?)

    Rule of thumb with those systems is that 2 sticks will always be quicker than using 4 (no matter how much faster the smaller sticks are) plus any mixing of sticks will almost guarrantee problems).

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    Default Re: Corsair XMS Compatability (1.9v vs. 2.1v)

    I disagree. I ran 4 512MB sticks of G Skill PC2 6400 ram highly overclocked and got almost identical speeds when using 2 1GB sticks of PC2 6400 ram. Using Sandra and other benchmarks, I could get the 4 sticks to score better than 2 depending on conditions. AMD based PC's don't run 4 sticks well, but Intel PC's could care less that there are 4 sticks in there.

    Kelleyi, just get a stick of ram from any manufacturer that has the same specs as the ram you have and you will befine. Most DDR2 with similar specs will be made with similar chips.
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