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Thread: DDR2 800 or would DDR2 1066 be better

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    Default DDR2 800 or would DDR2 1066 be better

    I have a Asus Striker MOBO with a q6600 GO stepping code. I messed up and bought 2x2gigs of ram for it. (was going to run vista 64 bit) I am going to buy Mushkin Extreme Performance with the Micron D9 chip 6400 or should I get the 8500? Will the faster ram help with overclocking? I have a Danger Den block and a homemade water setup. I plan on overclocking fairly hard, will the 8500 or 6400 be better? Thanks

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    Default Re: DDR2 800 or would DDR2 1066 be better

    yep, get the 8500, I'm upgrading my 6400 in favour of 9600 (overkill I know but I'm itching for 4GHz)

    With the 8500 and a 1:1 FSB/RAM ratio you'll get a reasonable oc out of the cpu before you even start ocing the ram which means the ram can run at faster timings.

    On the other hand if you don't want to oc the ram you use a divider and the stock voltages and ram timings with the faster ram while ocing the cpu.
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