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Thread: Which RAM and Graphic Card should i buy

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    Default Which RAM and Graphic Card should i buy

    i want 2 GB DDR2 RAM
    i was thinking of
    (latencies are
    can you advice me about this.......or some other RAM

    i want it for gaming(crysis, assasin's creed & GTA 4 (to be launched on 29th april)
    monitor:- TFT-LCD 17 inch
    resolution:- 1024 x 768 / 1152 x 864

    i was thinking of XFX 8800GT512 MB

    PS:- i tried searching for existing thread but i coudn't find some recent thread and sorry for asking about graphic card in this topic.......)

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    Default Re: Which RAM and Graphic Card should i buy

    Id recommend you use the Corsair configurator, u put in your Motherboard etc and it will tell you what type of RAM is suitable for your setup.
    Found here Welcome to Corsair :: Memory Configurator

    Also that vid card is a good choice since BFG do a lifetime warranty on their items. Also eVGA are a good brand etc.... The new gen cards wont be to far away since the ATI 4850 pics have been leaked recently.
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    Smile Re: Which RAM and Graphic Card should i buy

    256MB good at Geforce 8 series nvidia GeForce 8 Series

    If you have place higher budget to play high definitions or high end games, Geforce 9 series nvidia suites you

    You should place any order match your budget by compare each gc with matches your games requirement needed.

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    Default Re: Which RAM and Graphic Card should i buy

    ATI 4850 > 8800/9800. Makes no sense at all to buy a 256MB video card since the frame buffer will fill up quickly and cause problems with upcoming games.

    Otherwise, I am sure this guy already got a card since he asked over 2 months ago......
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