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Thread: Ram overclocking

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    Default Ram overclocking

    I have a E6750 processor on a GA-P35-DS3 rev. 1.0 with F13 bios.
    My Ram is 4*1 Super Talent DDR2 CL4.

    My question is about the timings.
    The CPU is at 3.4GHz.
    My timings now are 5-7-7-19.
    In the Bios i saw Advanced Timing Control. I presume that's the subtimings' control. They are as follows:
    Act to act delay tRRD - 3
    Rank write to read delay - 3
    Write to precharge delay - 6
    Refresh to act delay - 42
    Read to Precharge delay - 3
    Static tRead value - 7
    Static tRead phase Adjust - 17


    And the main question is how to adjust the ram timings and the subtimings respectively in order to work at 3.4Ghz Cpu Speed? And of course to have a stable machine.

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    Default Re: Ram overclocking

    when overclocking your machine is technically not stable because you are forcing a component to go where its not meant to go, what i advise is DONT overclock, if you think about is 2 less cs latency worth risking and possibly wrecking 100dollars worth of Ram, not in my opinion

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