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Thread: ram latency

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    Default ram latency

    Hi all

    I have bought some parts to build a new computer. basically i have the following on the way:
    amd x4 phenom 9600
    asus motherboard m3a32 mvp
    corsair ram xms2 4gb pc6400
    hitachi HD 500GB with 16mb cache
    seasonic PSU 650W
    I already have a not-so-bad raidmax scorpio case, coupled with a couple of 120mm fans.

    The thing is this.. I started reading all this hype about low-latency ram now. When i checked the corsair one i bought, it is 5-5-5-18!! on some forums they were saying that CAS of 3 is high, so is this really, really high???

    Would I be able to overclock it, and if so, how much? and how is the procedure? I am quite handy at computers (i am a technician by trade) but have never took overclocking seriously. I would like to learn though.

    Any help?


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    Default Re: ram latency

    Do u really need such low latencies??? a CAS of 3 is NOT high...CAS 3 is accesible only if the RAM is running at a slow speed, e.g DDR400.

    I really doubt its gonna help unless u use memory intensive programs which require absolutely minimum latencies.
    Asrock P55-Extreme
    Core I5 @ 3.2GHZ
    2x2GB G.skill Ripjaws DDR3 1600
    ASUS HD5850
    1TB Samsung SATA II
    Corsair TX650W PSU

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