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Thread: Question About Flash Drives.

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    Default Question About Flash Drives.

    Okay i am real new to the Flash Drive world and i want ot make sure i get the right one. Just not sure whats the best for holding up etc.

    What i want is a 8 or 16 gig Flash Drive. I'm going to be using it for file sharing. put stuff on it let friend plug into there laptop copy stuff over then i take and i guess wipe the flash drive if and put new stuff on it etc. it's not going to be for data storage. i got plenty of HDD for that. It's just instead of burning stuff to CD's or DVD's all the time I'll put stuff on the Flash Drive then have them transfer the stuff and wipe and start over. If that makes sense.

    So if any of you have had any experience with flash drives and know what brand that is best for them. im not really looking at warrenty wise seen from 2 years, 5 year, 10 year and lifetime. but i mostly just want something thats going to last and not goto crap after couple months.

    If have any questions please ask and i'll try to answer them as well as i can. Thank You.

    EDIT: I forgot to add that 1 of my buddies does run a Mac. So not sure if that makes a difference in the Flash or not. So does have to be able to be seen with windows and mac systems.
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    Default Re: Question About Flash Drives.

    Storage is storage so Mac -vs- PC should no make any difference when it comes to flash drives. As for the unit itself, many are good. I do, however, have experience with the OCZ ATV (the rubberized one that can be frozen and stuff) and would not recommend it it you plan on using it all the time. We used them extensively for our patrol guys because of their reputation as being rugged, but they become non-operational on an alarming basis. They either cannot be read or the PC recognizes them as an external card reader and not a storage medium. Even I have had to RMA two units and I simply carry it in my pocket every day.
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    Default Re: Question About Flash Drives.

    Okay, What was sad is i was looking at that one. Mostly because i'm running OCZ for memory right now. Plus saw the Lifetime on it. But then when i started to read reviews on Newegg i saw basically what you had just wrote. So thats why i did the whole post thing. Because i dont want to blow the money away yeah it's only like $20 - $50 depending size of FD i get. But im a cheapo. Hate spending money multiple times if i dont need to.

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