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Thread: 8 gigs ram on ep45-ud3p

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    Default 8 gigs ram on ep45-ud3p

    I want to be able to run 8 gigs of memory on my board, and i know that it is hard to get stable with 1066 speeds and 8 gigs, but would i be able to get stabe with say 1000 or 800 mhz memory or even with 1100 or 1066 running at lower speeds, i am looking at these.

    g.skill ddr2 800 pc2 6400 f2-6400cl4d-4gpi-b 2 2X2 gb pks
    g.skill ddr2 1000 pc2 8000 f2-8000cl5d-4gpi 2 2x2 gb pks
    g.skill ddr2 1100 pc2 8800 f2-8800cl5d-4gpi 2 2x2 gb pks
    mushkin ddr2 800 pc2 6400 996580 2 2x2 gb pks
    mushkin ddr2 1000 pc2 8000 996593 2 2x2 gb pks
    mushkin ddr2 1066 pc2 8500 996599 2 2x2 gb pks
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    ep45-ud3p (ver 1.1)
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    coolermaster v8
    evga gtx 470
    antec tp new tp-750w psu
    8 gigs g.skill ddr2 1066 pi black
    2 wd caviar black 640 gig raid 0
    1 wd caviar black 1tb bu
    lg blu/hddvd
    windows 7 home prem 64
    lg w2353v 23" 1920x1080

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    Default Re: 8 gigs ram on ep45-ud3p

    I'd go for the Mushkin 996599, but I'm rather biased.

    1066 is not guaranteed, but does happen, 800 MHz is the worst you'd do.
    With the difference in price, $12 at Newegg, just get the higher rated sticks.
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    Default Re: 8 gigs ram on ep45-ud3p

    Agreed. The Mushkins are a nice set. Shame there's not much in the way of DDR2 choice in the UK now, most of the variety has gone, as DDR3 takes over the world.

    I'm not biased toward Mushkin though, so I'd also recommend the 1066 and above GSkill Pi range, as well as Crucial Ballistix (2.0V versions) and any corsair DDR2 of XMS2 quality or higher (not their value range). And if you do get the Mushkin, get the 1066.
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    2 x Gigabyte GTX 460 1024MB in SLI (Pre OC'd to 715MHz core and 1800MHz VRAM) @ 850 Core / 4100 Mem.
    Intel X25-M Boot Drive (OS and Programs) 200MB/s Read & 90MB/s Write
    Corsair X32 200MB/s Read & 100MB/s Write
    WD Caviar Blue 640GB C (Steam, Games, Storage, Temp Files & Folders, etc)
    Samsung F3 500GB Backup/Images
    Noctua 1300RPM 19dB case fan (rear extraction)
    3 x 140 MM Coolermaster LED fans (one front intake, one top extraction, one side intake)
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    Default Re: 8 gigs ram on ep45-ud3p

    I have no problems with stability on my EP45-UD3P with 8GB of 1066 RAM, sorry, its not mushkin.

    Been stable at 3, 3.4, 3.6, 3.89, 4.0, and 4.25GHz. Granted that I always use a strap that keeps my memory near or under 1066MHz and use the 1066MHz Driving Strength.
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