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Thread: Corsair Flash Voyager GT

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    Angry Corsair Flash Voyager GT

    I just purchased a Corsair Voyager GT 16 GB stick in the plastic OEM packaging. The Corsair site says it is the premium high speed stick. For the price I paid for the GT I could have purchased a 32 GB Voyager stick. I also have a 4 year old Corsair Voyager 4 GB stick.
    For a 1048574 KB vob file the GT is marginally faster copying to and from a computer (GT 1'48.88" to and 36.28" from, non GT 2'13.73" to and 38.75" from) but for a 258 MB folder containing 1263 files the GT is much slower (GT 11'26.69" to and 17.10 from, non GT 7'24.85" to and 13.69" from).
    This is unacceptable for a premium product to be outperformed by the base product.
    I feel like I have been cheated.
    By the way I am still waiting for a comment from Corsair.
    Save your money.


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    Default Re: Corsair Flash Voyager GT


    Corsair contacted me and asked me to format the Voyager GT in Fat32 in XP. Apparently formatting in Vista can make it run slow (imagine that and no I didn't). They had a utility they wanted me to run to check the speed (KB/S?). Voyager GT Read 31.5 Write 17.2
    Voyager Read 28.2 Write 7.8
    Voyager GT write 2'30.69" & 2'18.18" read 12.04" delete 24.09" after format for 258MB Previous Folder
    Voyager write 2'27.35" & 2'24.63" read 10.94" delete 14.35" after format for 258MB Previous Folder
    This is very interesting. Looks like a massive improvement after formatting. So now the GT is marginally faster for large files but the standard Voyager is marginally faster for many files transfer (writing to Fat ?). Either way you can not say the GT is a much faster product and certainly doesn't justify half the memory size for the same price.

    My opinion is unchanged.

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