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Thread: Rimm vs Dimm

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    Default Rimm vs Dimm

    I'm new to the computer building deal. I was wondering if you can use Dimm compatible slots for Rimm memory? If not, what is a good motherboard that can support a Intel Duo Core processor, and overclock "compatible" with Rimm compatible slots?

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    Default Re: Rimm vs Dimm

    Rimm memory is RDRAM and Dimm is DDR, so not sure what you are trying to find out?

    Plenty of boards are great for a core Duo CPU, but none will support Rimm/RDRAM Memory

    More specific about this memory is needed if that is not what you was asking

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    Default Re: Rimm vs Dimm

    Don't buy RIMM :P

    I got caught out with this about 7 or 8 years ago. RIMM was supposed to be the future of RAM.. It was, and still is, overpriced for what it is.. Stick with DDR 2 and 3 RAM.

    If anyone wants to counter that, please explain where/how RIMM is better, because I hated it.. It was slow, had to be bought in pairs (and you were talking about 200 for either 128 or 256Mb and it was unstable.

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    Default Re: Rimm vs Dimm

    Sup everyone?

    I'm building a new computer and am in the process of picking a motherboard. The problem is I dont know what kind of ram I want. I heard mixed stories of both rimm and dimm. I was wondering if you could quickly list is a better choice or the ups and downs of each. Or you can send me a site which has a good review too. I dont know if this matters much but the computer I'm building is more of a gaming computer but I will be using it for college as well. Price is not a problem for me either. Thanks for your time guys!
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    Default Re: Rimm vs Dimm

    If you are about to build a new PC, if your budget can stretch to it, go for one of the new i5 or i7 boards and get DDR3 RAM.

    The basic analogy I've found to explain RIMM vs DIMM is thus (please note this was written ages ago)

    You want to take a trip to see someone - either by car or by plane. In the car the trip will take say 3 hours. In the plane the trip will take 20-30 minutes, but the total travel time by plane takes 3 hours 20-30 minutes.

    RIMM is supposedly faster, but its like taking the areoplane - you have to wait for it to get started, then it does it all really fast, then you wait again - so the trip takes 3 hours 20-30 minutes due to all the waiting - the actual journey was completed much faster but the pre-processing took up lots of time.

    I don't know how they compare to the new 1600+ MHz DDR3 RAM, but I doubt that RIMM can compete nowadays with it - plus RIMM is just plain expensive - in the UK your looking at over 130-150 for 512mb of the stuff! - I bought 8Gb of Crucial DDR2-800 Ballistix Tracer for only 23-28 more!

    RAM aside, I personally would wait a little while longer if you can. The new motherboards coming out over the next couple of months will be worth waiting for, as they'll have the new USB3 and SATA3 ports on them (which are backwards compatible) as the current motherboards with these are a little finicky or flakey - ie. they have problems with the technology.

    Unless you can get the whole package for a really good price I'd advise to wait about 2-3 months, 4 tops.
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