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Thread: What should I do about my timings

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    Default What should I do about my timings

    I'm new to Overclocking and the rig in my sig is the 1'st system I've ever built. I kept it stock for 7 months before I gave in to the urge to OC and I'm glad I did, It's been alot fun.

    I spent the last few weeks dialing in my CPU settings to where I beleive it's rock solid stable. I've done multiple OCCT and Prime 95 overnight tests and I'm satisfied with the results.

    Now I'm wondering how my memmory settings look to the more experienced members. I'm using Crucial 1066 ram the speed is 1688 Mhz and timings are 10,12,12,31 at stock voltage 1.5v.

    I'm a little confused about changing timings, will I even notice a difference If I change them? Should I be content where I'm at and just leave it as is? Do I need to adjust them?

    920 D0, 4.3Ghz, 1.312v (24/7 OC)
    EX58-UD5, TRUE, Gig GTX-260OC
    3GB Crucial 1640 9-9-9-25 1.5v
    Cor TX650, Antec 200

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    Default Re: What should I do about my timings

    I am not familar with MSU Boards so I can't offer full advice, but I can say if you up your Vdimm to 1.64-1.66 and maybe may need QPI to 1.35-1.4 then you should be able to run 1600+ Mhz no problems with 888-20 timings.

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