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Thread: Mushkin 998679 Breaks 2700Mhz Triple Channel

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    Default Re: Mushkin 998679 Breaks 2700Mhz Triple Channel

    I have ran 5.25Ghz, I only use dry ice here and I have not pushed the voltages very hard on it yet because I only have one 980X, so really not sure how high it will go.

    Colin did tell me it wasn't a very good CPU for Ln2 though, so that may mean it wont clock super high or just don't like Ln2 temps - not sure?

    I can boot 246 Bclk on water using low voltages, 1.34 or so, so I think it may be a decent CPU overall. Sadly though I can't get the BIOS team to change/fix the QPI Slow mode for me, so I am stuck at that exact Bclk even at Dice temps.

    Current QPI Slow mode uses 0.5 multi, when it should be x24 multi (GBT Terms), I have talked this over with Colin for weeks and he has not had any luck getting them to change it. They say it is not worth it, or will not help me achieve anything, yet I see many other boards hitting 160+ with the use of QPI Slow mode. They did supposedly fix it with UD7 F7q BIOS, but it was a flash fail from the get go, and F7r still uses 0.5 so it will fail to load as that is WAY to low. Hopefully when Colin gets back my last email will convince him to get them to change this to the proper value of 12 (24 GBT BIOS Terms)

    I know Bclk isn't everything to many people, but that is something I am always trying to reach for so it just bothers me about this setting, sorry for the rant :)

    Maybe you could get on them about it too :) Load it up on any X58 board and you will see, some will boot to OS, some will not, but no matter what once you hit the OS it still uses x36 anyway despite setting slow mode - or fails to boot because 0.5 is too low (Some will allow it to stick in slow mode with the 0.5 multi, but it wont boot this way).
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