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Thread: Team Group xteem

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    so what timing should i run? and how do i work out the number? i know cpu z have the timing which is ready but that what i use right now. so is that any1 program that could find the timing like cpu z

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    Actually your timing 7-8-7-20 @ 1600Mhz is quite fast enough so I say leave it like that of what you have now, 1600Mhz @ 787-20.

    But in your BIOS, you set 160 for BCLK and 10 to your memory multiplier which of course resulted in only 1600Mhz memory speed @ 999-24. How the hell it got back to 999-24 from 787-20 timing I don't know.

    If 10 is the limit to your memory multiplier then the only choice you have is to set the BCLK frequency to 200Mhz and CPU multiplier to 20 so you'll get 4Ghz CPu clock and 2Ghz memory clock at suppose stock timing.

    Another way to beat or be close to 2000Mhz clocked memory with timing 999-24 is to tighten the timing of slower speed ram, say 1700Mhz at 888-22 timing.

    If you want to know the reality of memory scaling specifically memory clock vs timing, then check out here, Tomsharware's memory scaling on i7 975 .

    Faster clocked ram with loose timing (ie. [email protected]) doesn't really translate into massive gap over slower clocked but with tighter timing (ie. [email protected]).

    How to work the timing number? Here and also the same with channel B and C:

    Good luck.

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